Hi, and Welcome to Thirty Well!

Thirty Well was created with the intention of inspiring and encouraging you to live your healthiest, happiest life on your own terms. You will find easy ideas for changes to improve your health and mindset, simple recipes and collection of thoroughly guinea pigged health + beauty products to inspire you to live your thirties well.

My Story

One day you wake up and think, oh… THAT’s why they said to use serums + sunscreen. 

Never mind the body you took for granted in your twenties… and even foolishly at 30.

I failed to believe life would change after 30.

Because it didn’t… until I hit 31.

I’m a 30-something (KIDDING – a proud 32*) living in Chicago who loves to try new restaurants, read too many fitness tips, and guinea pig the latest skincare treatments.

After years of not quite making health + fitness a priority, I was ready to change.

But I wanted to do it my way.

With simple, easy tweaks that fit my life.


I’ll probably never be the girl who loves to workout each day or religiously meal preps on Sundays.

But I have figured out how to finally hit my 10,000 steps + drink 64oz of water daily, follow a legit skincare regimen, and put together a pretty badass self-care routine.


When I think of life so far in my thirties, Britney’s “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” pops into my head more often than I should admit…

Because while I do feel that sense of confidence and self possession all the women before us have promised; there’s also a little mix of identity crisis (I just got excited about THIS?!??), self doubt and a general (aggressive) over spending on serums and face masks.

So let’s talk about it! The good, the bad, and the healthy, so we can live thirty WELL.



(*and no, I may never update that 32. It’s like weight on your driver’s license. It’s gonna live forever.)