The Dog-Walking Approved Workout Brand You *Need* to Know

It might be helpful to get more specific here and mention it’s the workout apparel brand I can’t get enough of…. for dog walking, laying around on Sundays, (super) casual days at the office, and yes! occasionally working out.

But hey, to each their own.

Which is EXACTLY why I love this brand so much.

best cute affordable workout clothes for women - my favorite brand - Outdoor Voices reviewThis post may contain affiliate links, which means (at no additional cost to you) I may earn a small commission if you click or purchase through my link. I appreciate your trust + support of Thirty Well.

Outdoor Voices is the every girl’s workout clothes.

Their focus on “everyday” activity instead of hardcore workouts or training is what makes me WANT to workout more. Weird, right?

They don’t judge if I want to get all dressed up in my latest tech leggings just to take my dog for a walk – hell, they encourage it:

cute affordable workout clothes for women, Outdoor Voices review


And strangely enough, the more they encourage and celebrate every day activity and #doingthings (< seriously, that’s their brand hashtag 🙌🏻) , the more I want to go out and DO THINGS.

Their clothing makes me feel – and look – good, so now I’m that girl at the dog park doing push ups, step ups, and chasing my pup around.

(if you’re judging, I dare you to try it! And if you’ve seen me, did I trick you into thinking I’m a magical workout fiend?!)

My fitness goals have never been centered around beating a certain time, reaching a max rep, or even focusing on an ideal weight.

For me, it’s always about how I look and feel in the clothes I own – and that includes the clothes I work out in!

If you feel good, you’ll do good.

And I’m glad Outdoor Voices agrees:

Cute Affordable Workout Clothes, Outdoor Voices review

My favorite picks from Outdoor Voices:


I first dove in with the 7/8 Warm Up leggings and I was hooked.

They make your butt look A++ and hold you in on all the right spots. I love them for dog walking, mini workouts in the park, and running errands.

BUT if you’re into actually moving your body a little faster, then I recommend their TechSweat line. They’re more breathable and stretchier for sweatier activity like running or HIIT workouts.


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