4 No-BS Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Work

In my twenties, work trips were quite possibly the fanciest thing I could imagine.

You’re out of the office.

Vendors are treating you to amazing restaurants.

(I’ve been lucky as I was always the client and we were in NYC… you probably don’t feel the same if your travels are taking you to a small town for days on end!)

And I got to drink – as part of my job!


It was a real win-win-win.

And while I still love to travel every now + then for work, I don’t bounce back the same way I used to.

I feel heavily affected by even an hour or two time change. And my body is just… well, let’s say, sluggish… when traveling.

Not to mention the food + drink options are rarely healthy.


Luckily, as I’ve become more confident at work and in myself, I’ve found a few tips that help me stay healthy while traveling for work.

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1 | Start the Trip Off Right

Often we find ourselves on an early flight, left scrambling in the morning, so we grab a coffee and a quick breakfast at the airport.

While Starbucks and others have some okay options these days, it’s still not my first choice for feeling good – or fully satisfied.

If your traveling partners are anything like mine, they seem to be fueled by business and NEVER need to eat as often as I do.

On a 6am, three hour flight? Um yeahhhh, I’m going to need a second breakfast. Or at least an early lunch.

To beat this, I’ve started to make my own quick, protein-packed smoothie at home. Ever since I was introduced to smoothies with avocado thanks to Body Love, I’ve been *very* into them. But I’m also down for this chocolate sea salt option – it tastes like a rich milkshake.

These cute to-go cups make the perfect travel partners.


2 | Set the Tone

This one can be a touch uncomfortable depending on your position or who you’re traveling with; but I’ve found speaking up first with a suggestion can be incredibly helpful.

When making lunch or dinner plans, often your co-workers don’t want to make the decision on where to eat either; so they’re happy to go along for the ride and have a plan.

If you have time, I suggest looking up a few options online ahead of time.

This also works well if you want to workout while traveling. If you share your plans first, they feel purposeful and reduce that uneasy feeling that comes with turning down a manager’s suggestion to meet for breakfast.

A simple, hey, I’m going for a run tomorrow morning, so I’ll meet you in the lobby at 7am!” doesn’t feel like you are making excuses or trying to get out of anything.

Instead, you’ll look like you have your sh*t in order and take care of yourself. (Just be sure to actually follow through on your workout!)


3 | Pack Smart Snacks to Keep Your Cool

Even though I’m trying to cut out snacking – I find traveling with others often means very unpredictable eating habits.

I’d rather have a healthy option on hand than have to run to a drug store or worse, shove my face full of apps the moment we sit down for dinner.

Work travel is the worst because you have to use your manners and actually “save food for others” and “not talk with your mouth full”.

This leads to a lot of anger + resentment when Mark won’t eat his damn potato skin, and it’s the last one, AND you don’t want to look like a monster as the group responds to the waiter, “oh no, you can take it away – we’re finished” while you silently die inside.


4 | Hotel Room Self-Care

Traveling creates a lot of breaks in our usual routines.

For me, one of the biggest culprits in not feeling my best was dehydration.

Not only do we get dehydrated on the flight, but I also drink a lot less water when I’m on the go; so I’d get massive headaches by the afternoon.

Then there’s the whole dry hotel room situation, which usually left me with a little sore throat or nose issues in the morning.

So now, I come prepared.

When I get to the hotel on the first night, I like to make sure I drink a giant bottle of water, put on a nice mask, and my latest treat — turn that ‘drier than the desert’ hotel room into a faux spa room.

Ever since I finally caved to my sister and learned more about essential oils (she’s been using with her family for years), I’ve found them to be really relaxing. While I’m not all-in on oils yet, I do like the routine of turning on my diffuser and who wouldn’t want their room to smell clean + fresh?

So I was really excited when I found an easy + portable solution for traveling! It attaches to most water bottle sizes (or you can just place on top without screwing on) and I add a few drops from an essential oil blend I’ve made. It’s the perfect way to unwind and get back to a few simple routines, even when away from home.

What are your best tips for staying healthy + feeling well while traveling?


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